Running tight on time? Exercise at home!

We all want to be healthy, fit and to maintain our shape. However, most of the people are busy with work and other obligations and do not have enough time to visit gym and exercise regularly. Sometimes traveling to the gym and gym expenses can add to the cost, so that also draws people back from exercising. Fortunately, there are many exercises that you can do at home and benefit from them. Not only you will stay fit, but you will be healthier and will feel better. You do not need expensive gym equipment to do the exercises. Although fairly simple, these exercises can bring you great effects and positive results without going to exercise in the gym.

            Besides the good thing that you exercise at home, best thing is that you need to spend just about twenty minutes for exercising every day. There are no membership fees or exhausting training regimes. All you need is just a few exercises that will speed up your metabolism and that will improve your agility and flexibility. The exercises can be done a few times per week.

            The first and most simple exercise you can do at home is pushups. Lay face down on the ground and then place the hands shoulder-width apart. The body must be straight and the exercise is done by pushing your body away from the floor and returning back to the starting position repeatedly.

            Another pushup which you can try is the so-called wall pushup. Face the wall with your feet separated width shoulder apart. The procedure is almost similar like with the original pushup, but the difference is that you bend your body to the wall and your arms are supporting your body weight. As soon as your face gets close to the wall, push your body back by using your arm strength. The distance between your body and the wall should be enough for your elbow to comfortably extend when you push your body away from the wall to its straight, upright position.

            Another very easy and simple exercise that you can do at home is the ab-crunches. You can do the abdomen crunches by laying on the floor. Your back must be relaxed while you do this exercise, so it is advisable for you to do this exercise on a carpet. Start by bending your legs to an angle of 45 degrees with your feet. The exercise is done by raising your upper part of the body and your head towards the knees. Return back to the laying position as soon as you reach the knees or when your body gets into upward position.

            Besides the aforementioned exercises, other workouts you can do at home include squat jumps and chair squats. Do several sets of exercises with at least couple of dozen repetitions per one set. Important thing is to be consistent and exercise regularly. That way you will reach the desired effects and your body would benefit the most.

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