Teaching yoga to your kids?

In the recent period many parents are interested in signing up their kids to yoga classes. It was proven that yoga can bring many health benefits to kids. For example, yoga is especially helpful for children with asthma because it helps them control this medical condition. As we all know, asthma affects the proper of breathing and breathing exercises are integral part of yoga classes. In addition, yoga also relieves stress which is another factor that contributes to asthma attacks. Another benefit of practicing yoga for kids is the fact that they can prevent obesity or support weight loss process. In addition, there are few other health benefits that yoga can provide to kids. But, teaching yoga to kids is a slightly different than teaching yoga to adults. So, how exactly can someone teach yoga to kids?

To start with, you must help children figure out what yoga is. Explain them that this is a way to make one feel relaxed when they are stressed. For instance, they will feel better if they practice yoga after an argument with their parents or friends or whatever makes them feel disturbed and upset.

As we all know, yoga consists of many different poses. Feel free to use more animal poses when you teach yoga to kids. Children are fond of animals, so they will definitely enjoy the camel, frog, bear or lion pose. There is even a cat pose for stretching, so don’t forget to show them this pose too.

The best way to start a yoga class with children is to make them practice easy breathing techniques. We will give you an example of a technique like this. Let the kid lay on the ground while keeping their arms close to the body (relaxed). After that, the kid should inhale deeply while they are visualizing air flow inside their body (their belly and lungs). After that, let them exhale slowly and gently. Make sure that they feel that all the air from their body has left. Tell them that they look like a bottle of ketchup that is being squeezed.

In order to teach yoga to kids successfully, you must pay special attention to the process of visualization. Obviously, you must begin with some simple poses. In addition, the exercises must be fun and challenging. We will now provide description for another interesting yoga pose. Ask the child to stand on the ground and bend at the waist. They must loosen their arms and let them simply hang guided by gravity. After that, ask them to place the arms together and cross the fingers. This pose looks very similar to elephant and the arms represent its trunk. Ask them to walk around and let them swing the “trunk”.

Don’t forget that you must be patient with your little students. Children are very active and this is especially true for modern children, so it may take some time to start listening to your tips, but once they try several yoga poses they will love it.  

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