The most popular yoga poses and their benefits

According to many yoga practitioners, yoga is the best thing you can provide to your body and soul. Yoga teachers claim that you don’t have to be a yoga expert or advanced yoga student in order to perform most of the yoga poses because they can easily be adjusted to the student’s level. It is good to point out that when people talk about yoga, they usually emphasize the spiritual side of this activity, but the fact is that yoga is a great recreational activity that helps people stretch and strengthen their body and maintain healthy weight. There are literally hundreds of yoga poses, but not all of them are equally effective and suitable for every category of students. That’s why we have decided to share some of the most popular yoga poses and talk about their benefits.

Chaturanga Dandasana or 4-Limbed Staff

This is one of the most popular poses practiced in Vinyasa yoga. This pose is very similar to the one people have when they are in the middle of making a push-up. So they are relying on their hands and feet, but this time the feet are pressed against the wall (only the toes are slightly bent. Keep in mind that the body should form a straight line. If you are a complete beginner, you can rely on your knees too. This yoga pose is great for the arms and the back. Modern people have many problems with their back and shoulder and this pose provides great stretching.

Crescent Lunge

Crescent Lunge pose is used to increase heart rate which ultimately leads to acceleration of the metabolism. So, the final result is better fat and calorie burning. In addition, it stretches the hips and has positive effects on the legs. In order to perform this pose you will need to get down on the knees in a dog pose. Step the left foot between the hands. Slowly lower the hips into typical lunge position and gradually shift the weight right onto the ball of the back foot while bringing the hands together to the hips. After that, raise the arms above you like you are trying to touch the ceiling. Remain in this position for about 30 seconds and repeat the procedure with the other side of the body.

Plow Pose

If you want to improve the blood flow in the adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands then you should try this yoga pose. Simply lie on the back and raise your straight legs in the air. Keep the arms straight and parallel to your body. After that, slowly lift the legs over the head and use the hands to keep balance. It would be best if you can touch the ground with your toes, but don’t push yourself too much.

Simple Spinal Twist

Simple Spinal Twist Pose is an excellent pose for people who want to improve the work of the digestive system and ultimately lose weight. In order to perform this yoga pose, lie down on the back and bring the knees to the chest. Use your hands to hold the right knee to the chest and straighten the left knee on the ground. After that, take the bent right knee across the body while the shoulders blades remain on the floor. Remain in this position for one minute. Repeat the procedure on the other side too. 

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