What your yoga clothes colors say about your personality

Even though yoga was practiced for thousands of years, it seems that today this system of spiritual exercises has reached its peak in terms of popularity. The many benefits of yoga like increasing flexibility, toning of the muscles, improving lubrication of the joints and tendons, detoxification and de-stressing are some of the reasons why yoga is so popular. In addition, many people love yoga because this activity doesn’t require any special equipment. Of course, wearing comfortable yoga clothing is highly recommended. If you are already involved in yoga classes and you have yoga clothes, you should know that the colors of the clothes you have chosen say a lot about your personality. So, let’s highlight these relations.


Blue color is usually associated with harmony, unity, reliability and courage. If you are wearing blue yoga clothes then you are probably a loyal and peaceful person. In addition, you probably truly enjoy yoga classes. People who wear blue yoga clothes are very good friends and partners.


This simple color is often considered to be an universal color of authority. Several studies have shown that people who prefer black color feel more powerful. Besides that, the black color emphasizes simplicity which is probably one of the characteristics of yoga.


If green is the color that dominates your yoga clothes, then it is very likely that you are a stable, consistent and proud person. People who like green color are aware of themselves and the activities of the people around them. They are very active and don’t want to miss a single yoga class. It is good to mention that the green color also represents fertility.


Brown clothes are usually worn by open persons that have ability to understand others and people who are easy to communicate with. If this is your primary color when it comes to yoga clothes, then you are a stable person and you don’t like extreme things. Morality is very important to you. In some cases, brown color is a symbol of conservatism.


This is a color that is used very frequently by yoga practitioners. Purple clothes suggest that the wearer has very creative nature. Experts claim that those who want to inspire and motivate others (your yoga mates) will achieve this effect by wearing purple color. People who love purple color are self-confident and they usually don’t care what other people are saying about them. In addition, purple color is known as a royal color.

Neutral colors

If you prefer yoga clothes with neutral colors you are probably trying to hide something or yourself or you just want to escape from your everyday life which is one of the main reasons why people practice yoga. Introverted persons are fond of neutral colors.


If you are wearing yellow yoga clothes then you are an individual that likes to stand out from the crowd. You are optimistic and you want to use every opportunity to show the world that you are different.

Every color reflects your personality or your mood the day you wear it, even though we may not be aware of it. It’s good to study what the different colors mean. That way you can listen to your inner self a little better, and be more self-conscious about how you are feeling each day.

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