Basic Yoga Clothing Guide

When someone mentions yoga, people usually think about the exercises and rarely anyone thinks about clothing.  However, yoga clothing is a very important part of yoga practice. While it is true that there is no defined rule about the style of clothing used for this purpose, it is also true that people need comfortable and practical clothes to perform different yoga postures. By using proper clothes you will feel good, which is one of the reasons people decide to practice yoga in the first place.

It is crucial to choose clothes made of materials suitable for this activity which means materials that are stretchable. For instance, at Sadhana clothing we are offering unique pieces of clothing made of smooth and breathable materials. In case you are new in the world of yoga, you should know that there are many different body movements that you will need to perform in one class. This leads to increased sweating and this is why it is important to use breathable materials.

If you choose the right clothing for yoga, you can rest assured that your main focus will be placed on the exercises themselves, not on the way you feel in the clothes. In case you wear unsuitable clothes you will surely be de-focused and even frustrated. Some of the most commonly used yoga clothing pieces are capris, leggings, tanks and sport bras and jumpsuits. In addition, at Sadhana you can also find swimwear, clothes designed for kids and complete sets. What you need to do is to opt for yoga clothing that is suitable for your size and level of comfort. Keep in mind that the moves practiced in yoga can sometimes be very fast and this depends on the level of difficulty you have chosen.

Those who wear tight clothing that doesn’t stretch during yoga classes will find difficult to move their limbs and loose motivation or perform improper postures which can result in poor effects. Obviously, yoga can be performed at any place you want – at the comfort of your home, in the local park, at work or in the gym, but the clothes you are wearing must always be perfect.

People who live in places that are relatively warm during the entire year should choose clothes that provide good air flow in order to allow proper sweating. You can also choose shorts because the sweating will be gone instantly. Tank tops are perfect for good perspiration too.

On the other hand, if you are planning to practice yoga in a cool environment, pick yoga clothes with long sleeves and suitable insulation.

There are dozens of different online stores offering yoga clothes, but only few of them including Sadhana are providing high-quality clothing designed strictly for yoga. Our clothes come in different styles and colors and they are all made of breathable, soft and stretchable materials. In addition, they come with UV protection too. In other words, with the help of our clothes you will get the ultimate experience with every yoga class.

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