8 Ways To Wear Leggings With Boots

Once upon a time it was the Little Black Dress that donned the top of staple wardrobe pieces. However, in the new fashion world, the black legging is the superior of staple pieces. Snug, comfortable, and incredibly versatile; the legging is a must have for any woman’s wardrobe. When venturing into the world of leggings, remember, leggings are not attractive with just any pair of shoes. To avoid looking tacky, they need to be paired with sandals, flats, low heels, or boots. In fact, boots are the absolute best accent piece for leggings.Both boots and leggings are major fashion staples, and when brought together, they are a full on miracle outfit. With that in mind, the following ideas are some great inspiration pieces for how to wear leggings with boots.

Things You’ll Need

1. An array of leggings

2. Various types of boots


1.  Find your “Soul” Fit

Always make sure your leggings are the right fit. If you wear them too tight you’ll be giving everyone way too much information on your body. If you wear them too loose they’ll crinkle and bunch up, making you look un-kept and unattractive. Also keep in mind the length of your leggings. There is no middle ground; either the leggings are Capri style or they are full length. Meaning, you never want your leggings to cut off at the ankle. And with boots, your boots should always come up over the leggings.

2. Wear Them the Right Way

Remember, leggings are not pants. Always pair your leggings with a dress, skirt, shorts, or a longer top (like a Tunic). Any other way of wearing will make you look under-dressed. Leggings are a beautifully fashionable statement, but not when that statement is to flaunt too much of what you have.

3. Look Like A Fashionista

Team your leggings up with a pair of long black boots and a stylish Tunic. This trend looks best if the leggings are also black.

4. Be Spunky

Wear a pair of solid colored ankle boots with a pair of bold, colorful leggings. Combine this with an angular cut top, and you’ll look out of this world.

5. Be Confident

Boast some confidence in a lengthy, bright colored top and solid colored leggings. Match this up with some mid length boots for a real head turner.

6. Be Flirty

A cool floral print top or summer dress, flowing over a pair of warm or pastel colored leggings and some ankle length boots will give you a fun, flirty, sun-kissed vibe.

7. Be the Classic Beauty

Solid dark colored leggings and a sophisticated cotton shirt will never go out of style. Combine this with a pair of flat scrunch boots to show off that real “classic red lipped beauty” we all have inside us.

8. Be Chill

A long “boyfriend Tee”, thrown over a pair of dark pattern leggings and some short scrunch boots are the perfect match for a super comfy, hanging around kind of day.

Tying It All Together

Regardless of how you wear them, leggings have taken the fashion world by storm. This is simply because of their endless potential, and the fact that, worn right, they are pleasantly flattering for any woman. You can dress them up, dress them down, wear them in, wear them out… the possibilities reach as far as your imagination.


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