Yoga Pants: Looking Stylish while Doing Yoga

There's nothing that can relax you mentally, physically and emotionally like participating in yoga. This ancient form of Hindu exercise requires you to bend and fold into some very unique positions, so you'll need attire that can do the same. Fortunately, yoga pants are specifically designed to accommodate you while you work out. Best of all, these pants are available in a number of different colors to compliment virtually any ensemble.

Yoga Pants: Looking Stylish while Doing Yoga

Finding the Right Yoga Pants

It's extremely difficult to do yoga in restrictive fabrics like denim and polyester. While all yoga pants are form fitting, they're also available in a number of different styles and fabrics. There are four major factors to consider before you shop for yoga pants. Knowing these, can help you decide upon the right garments for optimum comfort.


Selecting the Best Fabric

Yoga Pants made from cotton and linen are typically the best choices. They offer superior ventilation so you remain cool during your workout. There are times when Lycra or a cotton/Lycra blend are a better decision. Lycra pants can also be worn in social settings when you're not going to workout. Regardless of the material, you should decide upon pants that have been pre-shrunk, because you'll want to wash them after every workout. 

The Proper Fit for You 

The Proper Yoga Pants Fit for You If you're taking yoga classes, you're probably planning to reshape your figure. This is one of the reasons so many women prefer pants made from Lycra or a Lycra cotton blend. This variety will still fit you after you lose a few inches around your waist. If you're planning to lose a substantial amount of weight, you'll probably have to replace your pants half way through the makeover anyway. However, the skin tight varieties will fit you for longer after you start to drop the pounds. If you're not planning to lose weight, you should decide on pants that aren't as tight. You also want to buy pants that are breathable so you remain cool during your workout. 

Different Lengths for Different Seasons

Some yoga pants stop at the knee and these are better suited for warmer days and Bikram Yoga. Other pants aren't as long stopping halfway down your calf. This variety is better for moderate weather and the longer pants are better for the winter months. Make sure the pants don't touch the floor when your shoes are off. Pants legs that are too long may cause you to trip or injure yourself while you workout. 

Selecting the Right Style 

There are hundreds of different styles and colors of yoga pants available. While this factor may not seem as important as the other three, you're more likely to go to the sessions if you feel good about your outfit. You should remember that solid colors look better in the colder months, while multi-colored pants are better for spring and summer. Keep this advice in mind when selecting your yoga pants, and you should have no trouble meeting your fitness goals. 

Other Factors to Consider 

  • Price- There's no need to overpay for pants.
  • Brand- Some brands will last longer than others. 
  • Comfort- Your pants shouldn't fit too tightly around our waist. 
  • Your Body Type- If you have wider hips, you might want to wear cotton pants as opposed to a Lycra blend. 

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