4 Rules for Wearing Yoga Pants the Right Way

If You Insist on Going Out and About in Your Yoga Pants, Make Sure They Fit

Rules for Wearing Yoga Pants the Right Way

Okay, so you’re just fine with wearing yoga pants in public. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s definitely a first step that many people have to get past. After all, if you’re not going out to the gym, getting ready for yoga, or doing something athletic, why are you just leisurely walking around in your yoga pants? Because yoga pants rock, that’s why.

But there are some things you need to consider when you're out with your yoga pants on. If you're new to this, or even if you’ve been a proud yoga mom since before it became a style, you still might be doing it wrong.

1. Wear Yoga Pants that Fit

There is nothing more unflattering than yoga pants. At the same time, there is nothing more flattering. The difference between the two extremes is wearing yoga pants that fit you. If you insist on going out and about in your yoga pants, make sure they fit your unique body.

Generally, you can pick up your regular pants size. You do not have to choose yoga pants that are tighter because you think you have to. And you do not have to go over in size because you don’t want your yoga pants to seem too tight.

2. Be Conscious of Your Underwear

Your undies play an important role in your choice to wear yoga pants. They can also alert you to whether or not you are wearing the right yoga pants. If you have a highly visible panty line (or visible panties in some cases), then you need to reassess the situation.

If you have no visible line or a barely visible one, then you’ve met your match. Of course, this all assumes that you’re wearing underwear at all. Many people choose to forego the formality altogether. But if you do like to keep your underwear on under your yoga pants, just make sure that you check yourself out to see what others might see if they were to look (and they will look).

Rules for Wearing Yoga Pants

3. Choose the Shoes that Work (Usually Sneakers)

Here’s the thing. You can actually wear any type of shoes you want with your yoga pants. Technically. But unless you know how to pull off a certain look, you should stick to athletic footwear. Remember that yoga pants were meant for exercise originally. They go best with low-top sneakers. You need to get the hang of wearing them with your athletic shoes first. After that, you can start trying other types of footwear.

4. Know When to Get Rid of Them

Yoga pants do not last forever. They will become worn, start to stretch, and tear. It’s up to you to get rid of them before they become an embarrassment to you. You may think it’s all good to keep the yoga pants with the hole in them to kick around the house.

But the day will definitely come when you have to run outside at the spur of the moment. On that day, someone will definitely notice the hole, and they will most likely let you know through the simple expedience of laughter. Know when it is time to let your yoga pants go.

Obey the Yoga Pants Rules

Yoga pants are great, and it is possible to wear them for any reason outside formal events. Just make sure that you wear yoga pants that fit, and are aware of how you look in them (the mirror is your friend). Do not try to overdo it. You will look great in your yoga pants as long as you pay attention to these rules.

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