Tips to Help You Know What to Wear for Yoga

What to Wear for Yoga

People who are interested in taking a yoga class to develop greater flexibility, strength, and balance while reducing aches and pains may at first be a little confused as to what type of clothing will best meet their needs during each class. Baggy clothing items can really get in your way while you lean, bend, twist, and stretch, while loose fitting shirts can exposure far more of your body than you'd like during those common inverted positions. Once you're committed to receiving the maximum benefits from each yoga class, you'll want to invest in some high quality clothing which will provide you complete comfort in a style that fits your personality.

Choose Yoga Wear Appropriate for the Type of Classes You Attend

Before you select which type of yoga wear will best meet your needs, you'll need to know which types of yoga classes you plan to attend. These include:

  • Low key beginner classes where you may be a bit chilly at the beginning and/or end of the class, possibly warranting a long sleeve top and/or bottom, or perhaps an extra layer that can easily be taken on and off as needed.
  • Physically challenging classes involving plenty of inverted poses and strenuous positions where you might be comfortable in a form fitting sleeveless top and fitted leggings, for example.
  • Heated yoga classes such as Bikram yoga which are practiced in a room heated to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In this unique situation, you're guaranteed to work up a serious sweat, so make sure that your clothing is not only comfortable but is made from fabric that won't become overly see-through once its drenched in sweat.

Complete Freedom of Motion is Critical

In any class, its critical that you select clothing that gives you a full range of motion as you stretch every body part in every direction. Sleeveless tops are great as they provide maximum comfort for your upper body as you rotate and stretch your arms. Make sure that your top fits snugly around your midriff to prevent it from riding up over your breasts while in an inverted pose, unless of course you plan on wearing a lighter top underneath a layer designed to be quickly removed once you are fully warmed up. Form fitting shorts or pants allow your clothing to move with you while working on the floor without getting caught under your hands, arms, other leg, etc.

Let Your Personality Lead You To the Perfect Yoga Outfit

All women know that what you are wearing has an effect on how you feel about yourself. While your yoga class is not meant to be a fashion show, it is important to choose clothing that brings out your true personality and inspires you to do your best. Some women simply would not be comfortable wearing a sports bra in class, while others are more bold and enjoy the opportunity to wear a decorative, scanty outfit. The key is to choose items that make you feel great and allow you to focus on the movements of your body instead of feeling self-conscious about what you are wearing.

When you are looking for top quality yoga wear that meets the needs of all women in any type of yoga class, check out Tono a Tono product line. With a full line of sensual, comfortable and elegant tops, bottoms, sets, and jumpsuits in fabrics perfect for yoga, you'll feel like a brand new woman at your next yoga class.


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