5 Tips To Choose A Yoga Outfit

What to Consider When Choosing Your Yoga Clothing

Yoga Classes

Yoga is one of the best ways to alleviate stress while exercising. Some women feel overwhelmed at the thought of just what they should wear to a yoga class. There's so many choices of yoga clothing out there with the "yoga" label. Never fear, no woman needs to feel overwhelmed with the large selection on the shelves. Here's some tips on finding the perfect outfit for yoga.

1. Comfort Level

Yoga is all about feeling comfortable. Choose fabrics that are breathable, wick away moisture and stretch. Make sure the size is not too small or too large making you uncomfortable when getting into certain positions. Cotton and linen are breathable and soft. Fabrics like denim, rubber and corduroy don't allow your body to bend and stretch comfortably.

2. Layering

Layering is perfect on the way to yoga class and after a yoga session to warm the muscles. A thermal hoodie or lightweight jacket is the perfect selection to put on over a yoga top. At the end of a class it's also easy to wrap a lightweight shawl over you to keep muscles warm. Sometimes yoga classes are held outside so know the temperature before you leave so you can properly layer. During hot yoga classes make sure all of your layers are stripped so you do not overheat. Also choose yoga styles with UV protection if class is held outside to keep skin from burning.

3. Your Style

Not everyone has the same yoga style. Keep your own style in mind when choosing your workout attire. Some people find it best to do exercises in a tank top while others find a t-shirt over a sports bra is perfect for them. Some people love bright colors or patterns while others like to stick with basic black or gray. Just because yoga pants have the name "yoga" doesn't mean you have to wear them to class! There are fitted leggings, lightweight pants or shorts that are perfect for class. It is best to stay away from bottom that are light in color. These can be see-through even if the fabric is thick. Darker colors are better for this.

4. Level of Movement

You'll never sit still in yoga. Choose clothing that allows you to move freely. You will be bending and stretching into various positions. Choose clothing that makes it easiest to get into position. Loose clothing might fall over your head while pants that are too long might cause you to slip and fall. Shirts that are too short might be embarrassing as you reach into certain positions exposing your torso. Find the attire that moves along with you.

5. Sweat Absorbent Fabric

Yoga can be a tough workout. You need to choose clothes that wick away moisture and absorb sweat so you aren't left feeling like a wet dog. Fabrics that absorb heat will make you sweat easily. Cotton holds more sweat than fabrics that wick away the moisture. There are many great yoga selections that dry quickly so you don't leave class drenched in sweat.

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