Four Yoga Poses to Reduce Back Pain Naturally

Back pain can be debilitating, but regardless of its cause, such as an injury, poor sleeping and/or lifestyle habits, excessive body weight, etc., developing a yoga practice is an excellent way to enjoy natural relief from back pain of any kind.



Keep Your Poses Simple When You First Begin

The number of yoga poses which reduce or eliminate back pain are extremely numerous, but as a beginner, starting simple can ease anxiety while helping you build the necessary strength, balance, and flexibility required to complete more difficult poses. As a general rule, any time you stretch in one direction, it is important to immediately stretch in the opposite direction to maintain balance and prevent the tendency to avoid stretching in a direction which feels uncomfortable, as that is likely to be the side or direction most in need of healing.

A Basic Routine Can Be Completed in As Little As Five Minutes

The following yoga poses are safe and easy to learn and may provide you a degree of pain relief after your first session:

  1. Standing on a yoga mat with your feet shoulder width apart (lets call this the beginning stance), raise your arms directly above your head, keeping your entire body (especially your back) as straight and in-line as you can. Interlock your fingers, then slowly bend at the hips while lowering your upper body. Reach towards the ground with your interlocked hands as far as you can without causing yourself pain. Remain in this "hanging" position for 10-20 seconds, allowing your back to "open" as gravity helps create extra length in your spinal column.
  2. Slowly return to an upright position with your interlocked hands straight above your head by "arcing" your arms up from their lowered, hanging position. Once fully upright, continue to "arc" your hands behind your body, following with your upper body. Keep your abdominal muscles tight, and focus on stretching your back in the opposite direction than when you were bending forward. After a few seconds, return to the upright position, lower your hands to your sides, and take several deep breaths.
  3. In the beginning stance, place your left hand on your hip and your right hand directly above your head. Keeping your back and right arm straight, bend your upper body to the left, stretching your back muscles in a sideways direction. Hold for several seconds, then return to the upright stance. Switch hands and complete the same stretch in the opposite direction; relax your arms at your sides, and take several more deep breaths to complete the pose.
  4. Place both hands on your hips with your feet in the beginning stance. Without moving your lower body, rotate your shoulders in one direction to twist your entire spine. Hold the position for several seconds, then rotate and hold in the opposite direction. Finish by facing forward, relaxing your arms at your sides and taking additional deep breaths.

Although this routine may seem brief, it does stretch the back muscles in all basic directions: forward, back and side to side. The entire process can be completed in 5 minutes or less and can bring nearly instant relief from minor back pain.

Taking a Class Is An Excellent Way to Advance With Yoga

For those who would like to learn more extensive yoga poses to treat more severe pain and to help the body heal naturally, participating in a local yoga class can be the perfect way to safely deepen a yoga practice. Tono a Tono manufactures high quality activewear that will add a touch of style to your yoga routine.

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