Should you workout in the morning or the evening?

There are many people who have finally decided to start working out, but they are not sure when the right time to get involved in physical activity is. In most cases, people will choose the time that suits them the best, but there are some things that make exercising in the morning vs exercising in the evening different. You should learn more about the pros and cons of these practices in order to figure out which option suits you the best.

There are many people who believe that in case you workout in the morning on an empty stomach, that you will be able to burn more calories and fat because the body lacks carbohydrates which were already processed during the night. The fact is that if you exercise before breakfast, your body will have to find energy from another source because you won’t have enough carbs, but in most cases our body uses the protein supplies and converts them to energy. This protein certainly doesn’t come from the fat deposits. It is extracted from the muscles which mean that the muscles will shrink. In this way you are slowing down the process of burning fat. So, intense exercise in the morning before breakfast is a bad idea. 

But, there is a great advantage of working out in the morning after you have a light meal. In this way you will boost the metabolism. Once we get out of the bed, our metabolism is very slow. The first half an hour is the time when you will bring back your natural blood circulation and optimize the work of the digestive system. Once you take a small snack you will be able to accelerate the metabolism and increase energy level by practicing your regular fitness routine.

Exercising in the evening is often linked to improvement of quality of sleep. However, this advantage can be witnessed only when you leave sufficient time for your body to stabilize before you go to bed. When you exercise, all the internal systems are working intensively and your heart and blood are working fast too. If you go to bed right away, you will have trouble falling asleep.

In addition, exercising in the morning is good because it gives you room to plan other things throughout the day and it will help you keep your focus in school and in the office. The biggest disadvantage is the higher chance of experiencing injury. Some people need relatively long time to wake up and if they are using certain equipment in their exercising routine they can get injured.

Exercising in the evening gives you more opportunities to work out together with a friend. In case you want to exercise in the local gym, you will notice that the gym is not so crowded which is definitely good.

In the end, don’t forget that exercising in the morning or in the evening is always a better option than not exercising at all.  

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