Why it's important to stretch your muscles

When people talk about physical health, they are usually focused on strength and flexibility is put aside. But, it turns out that flexibility especially having flexible muscles is very important because muscles that are not flexible (tight and tensed muscles) can lead to many health issues all over the body. If you are still not sure why you need to keep improve flexibility, we will highlight a few benefits of having flexible muscles.

To start with, if the muscles are tight, people experience worsened blood flow. This means that the oxygen and nutrients won’t be delivered throughout the body properly and in a timely manner. On the other hand, flexible muscles lead to improved blood flow.

Another benefit of having flexible muscles is the fact that people will get protected from different types of injuries. In case you are not very flexible, the tendons located around our muscles get stiff. At the same time, the range of motion is reduced and people are more prone to injuries. With improved flexibility, the range of motion will be improved and you will reduce the chances of experiencing muscle injuries.

There are many people who don’t know that flexible muscles lead to reduced back pain. It is exactly tight muscles located in the lower body and the back that lead to back pain and in case you are able to boost the flexibility in this part of the body you will ease and eventually, eliminate this pain. Those who have flexible pelvic muscles and hip flexors witness less stress on their spines. Additionally, better flexibility can lower soreness and tension in muscles.

As we have mentioned before, reduced flexibility limits range of motion in all body parts. On the other hand, flexible muscles allow people to get involved in any kind of physical activity and they make exercise much easier and simpler.

Finally, flexibility and having flexible muscles allows better posture because stiff and tight muscles have impact on the alignment of the spine. Additionally, flexible muscles produce less tension and less stress.

Now that you know the benefits of having flexible muscles, let’s see how you can stretch them properly.

First of all, you should definitely use traction whenever you are stretching your muscles in order to boost range of motion. For instance, you can pull on a resistance band fixed on an immovable device. In addition, you should focus on the areas of the muscle which are stretched. For instance, if you want to stretch the hamstrings you should focus on your muscle belly while bending your knee or flexing the ankle. It is also worth mentioning that you should analyze your body and identify tight muscles. The tight muscles should be your priority during the stretching process. Remember to stretch the surrounding area to get better range of motion. In the end, never push your limits especially in the beginning.

We hope that these tips will help you stretch your muscles and improve their flexibility because as you have already read this is very important for your overall health.

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