Not including squats in your workouts? After reading this you might st

Many people avoid doing squats because they look simple and they don’t believe that squats can make any difference in their overall fitness levels. Well, these people are absolutely wrong. According to many trainers and fitness experts, squats are one of the best exercises. Even though some people complain that squats make their legs hurt, if they are done in a proper way, practitioners will feel only the benefits of this ancient exercise. Now let’s see how squats can help our body.

To start with, squats are not focused only on one muscle group – they strengthen and form numerous groups of muscles. Spinal muscles, abs, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps are the muscles that feel the benefits of squats the most. Thanks to this exercise they become well-formed and strong. In addition, squats have the ability to boost the metabolism, provide temporary boost of cardio, eliminate lots of calories and break down fat deposits and increase muscles mass in a relatively short period of time.

Furthermore, squats performed together with dumbbells or barbell, also known as free weight squats, can increase stability of knees. This is the reason why many athletes who are involved in sports that require rapid and sudden movements practice this type of squats.

Every exercise brings certain level of risk of injuries, but squats are one of the safest types of exercise. The positions you take while doing squats is more or less the same and you don’t expose your body to any risks. This is not the case when you are using machines to workout. Another benefit of doing squats is their versatility. There are different types of squats you can try and each of them is good for specific body parts.   

In the end, although people usually think that doing squats is beneficial only for the lower part of the body they can also improve the power of heart and lungs. Since you will be using numerous muscle groups makes the cardiovascular system will have to work faster in order to provide sufficient amount of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles.

Of course, there are few other less important benefits of doing squats like improvement of vertical jump, core strengthening, speed and agility improvement, boosting mental toughness, flexibility and mobility.

Now that you know how beneficial squats are let’s see how to do them properly.

First of all get in a standing position and slowly squat down till you notice that the thighs are parallel to the ground. Keep in mind that you should not extend the knees past the toes (if possible). Even if you can’t extend them so much, your back should not be arched. This is very important because in this way you won’t feel the positive effects of squatting and you will increase the chances of getting injured. Keep your arms in front of you and slowly get back to the initial position. The number of sets and reps that you should do depends on your current physical condition and your goals.

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May 14, 2016

I daily do squats once in a day but after reading your blog I got more tip for doing squat well. Now, I daily feel great. Really thank to introduce us about squats in detail.



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